Donate your day

Start a fundraising page for your special day and receive donations instead of gifts

You can change a life today! 631 People have recently raised $10297.

How does it work?

For your birthday, Mother’s Day or any other day, people donate to your campaign for charity, instead of giving you gifts!

How does it work?

For example, you goal might be raising $500 for your birthday. Instead of getting gifts, people can donate the money they were going to spend on you, which will be donated to your favourite charity.

How does it work?

Simply set up your own personal dashboard now and start changing the world today!


How does it work?

It works by everyone doing their small part to make a big difference!

Already have enough stuff? Why not make this birthday extra special by donating your day and helping change lives.

Donate your birthday!

Set up home years ago and have all that you need? Let the world celebrate with you by giving guests the option to make a donation

Donate your wedding!

It’s all about giving, right? Turn this ‘silly season’ into something more significant by asking for donations instead.

Donate your Christmas!

Where would the world be without mothers like you? By donating your Mothers Day, you can help support fellow mothers who struggle to provide for their children.

Donate your Mothers Day

Congratulations! Exciting times ahead for you and your other half.

Donate Your Engagement!

Want to use an ordinary day to make a difference in the world? Gather with friends to bake, swim, ride, run, whatever your passion, and together raise funds to change the world.



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