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Sam’s 32nd Birthday




Sam’s 32nd Birthday

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I’m turning 32! An entirely underwhelming age, but I still want to celebrate the milestone in a meaningful way.

I’m donating my 32nd Birthday to raise money for those affected by the drought in East Africa (through Baptist World Aid Australia).

As many of you know, I was privileged to travel to East Africa earlier this year. If there’s one thing that experience taught me, it’s that water is a precious resource in the region. And ongoing drought could have catastrophic consequences.

As water supplies dwindle, livelihoods evaporate, food sources dry up and children are forced to drop out of school to help their families find water to drink. Drought is a disaster which impacts every facet of human life.

By acting now, Baptist World Aid Australia are helping families in the region prepare to survive continuing drought.

$35 can provide drought resistant crop seeds for 1 family.

$74 can provide 3 months emergency water for 1 family.

$125 can provide training for a water management committee.

This campaign has now closed

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